The World of BBQ, and how Jeckyl & Hyde became the area’s Best barbecue restaurant.

Great patio in the summer to enjoy our BBQ experience.

We started in 2010 our exploration into the BBQ food, first by introducing our smoked pork; pulled by hand and put into our carefully selected rolls. It took almost a full year before customers started asking for more, like brisket, chicken, and ribs. We then in late 2010 offered Brisket sandwiches and it took off immediately. By 2013 our BBQ menu has expanded into one that has good variety, and today is still considered one of the regions best. The Ale House was known for its craft beers and the selection that we offered was great. In late 2015 we got our liquor license and started to make some tasty craft cocktails. and today we have a fantastic craft Whiskey selection. We hope to offer some great simple cocktails going forward and hope you can join us for one of the best happy hours in Bellingham. Our Happy Hour goes from 4 – 7, and all appetizers are Half OFF! WOW!, and our beer and cocktail prizes will beat any of the other happy hours out there. So I hope to see you here some day, and would love your feedback.

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