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BBQ season is here, and so is the nice weather to go along with it. Need tips and tricks, ask Rich at our Orchard Drive location. Rich has smoked it, grilled it, fire roasted it, and yes he has even cooked in a convection oven.  “Anything can be smoked or grill, if done right. We have smoked vegetables, jalapenos, tomato’s, fish, lamb, beef, chicken, turkey, pork, salmon, and even some wild meats. The key to a good flavor, is brine. Brine your meat either with a wet rub, or good wet soak overnight, or a good robust dry rub.” Rich say’s.  “What flavor of smoke depends on your liking. We use Apple woods, Cherry, Alder, Maple and in the past some Birch,(very bitter though). I prefer apple and some maple for that sweet flavor.” “Know your smoker though, you must and I mean must practice over and over using your smoker and get to know where the hot spots are, and the smoke spot, (Sweet Spot). Otherwise you will burn your meat and or dry it out.” Rich say’s If you absolutely do not have all day to sit and watch your smoker, do not smoke anything, the whole key is low and slow, watching every few hours your meat, veggies, or fish. Also if you open your smoker, you can lose between 15 to 20 minutes of your cooking time, so plan for it if you like to look at what your smoking a lot.

We will try to bring to this page, links of web sites that might help the average BBQ person, and as well a few recipes  and pictures along the way.


Preparing the Pork for smoking

3rd annual car show


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